We Live to Protect! 


​​Live to Protect - It's our mission and it is the core of everything we do.

When you take four executives from an industry leader like BLACKHAWK! and give them a blank page, you can expect product advancement and rapid growth.  Mike Noell, a former U.S. Navy SEAL and Founder / CEO of BLACKHAWK! has partnered with his Executive Team; Terry Naughton, Scott Ferros and Eric Yeates to form SENTRY Products Group, LLC in August of 2016.

SENTRY Products Group, LLC was created to focus our existing brands which included Scopecoat, Slideboot and Sentry Solutions and to provide a platform to introduce new products categories.  Thought the sight will see the first new products living under the Sentry banner and our identify statement - "Live to Protect".  You will see a common them in all the products as they focus on the transport, storage and protection of weapons and gear.

SENTRY is proudly creating jobs in America and has created a new production facility located in Boise, Idaho. This facility will support USA manufacturing, global sourcing and distribution for the group.  The Virginia Beach, Virginia headquarters office handles sales, marketing and accounting functions.

Here is what you can expect for the coming year.  SENTRY will continue to drive innovation with our product development team.  We will create new products, not by living in a vacuum, but by listening to our end users.  We will build marketing resources to enhance the end user experience and to support the efforts of our distribution partners.  We will continue to expand our product categories throughout development, or acquisition to meet the needs of the market.

From the Team at SENTRY Products Group, thank you for your support and confidence.


Terry Naughton

Products Specifications

Made in USA Scopecoat,® Binobib,® XP-6TM Flak Jacket, SlideBootsTM, BarrelBoots,TM and BoltBootsTM are constructed of the highest quality neoprene with nylon laminate. Neoprene, a material commonly used in wetsuits, conforms to the shape upon which it is placed. Its superior composition assists in repelling moisture and condensation away from your scope. Nylon offers the resiliency of movement while repelling dirt and dust. This combination helps to protect your optics from the elements and from damage while storing or transporting your weapon.

About Scopecoat Products®

Our Patented Scopecoat® Binobib® and SlideBootTM protective covers are constructed of the highest quality neoprene. We laminate nylon onto the neoprene to provide long life, colorfast color options and silent movement. Custom fit to your optic our simple design safeguards against dust, dirt, dings, and scratches. Shock and moisture absorbing neoprene draws moisture and condensation away from your optic, protecting your gear from the elements. Scopecoat® Binobib® and SlideBootTM products provide a wide range of protection for recreational, sporting, tactical and more.